Sustainability is not just an aspiration to ASU alumnae Kristen, Gabby, and Katie. As current teachers, they’re working to infuse sustainability across their curriculum: from science, to math, to language arts. Trailblazing and working to make sustainability topics come to life, these educators are taking extra steps to add sustainability content to their everyday classrooms.


Why, you might ask? As graduates of SCN 400, Sustainability Science for Teachers, they view this as their calling, and a responsibility worth tackling head-on. As one former student put it, “I think one of the biggest barriers for infusing the curriculum with sustainability topics is simply ignorance. Until this class, I really never stopped to think on a regular basis what kind of impact world events (both local and foreign) had on me and what type of change I can make by simply sharing critical thinking skills, research skills, and establishing scientific facts as the basis for deep inquiry into the challenges of our time.”