When SSE first began back in 2009, our focus was solely on sustainability science education for the K-8 preservice teacher audience at Arizona State University. This element continues to be incredibly important to our team and supports our mission of empowering K-8th grade educators with an understanding of how science, technology, design, and effective governance can create a sustainable society, and to inspire educators with the ability to translate these concepts for their students. However, over the years we’ve expanded our goals and incorporated new audiences to help achieve our mission. As a project at ASU, we measure our success based on who is included and seek to measure our longterm impact. In an effort to expand our reach, we have started to expand our audience base to include in-service teachers and general educators who work outside of the traditional classroom settings.

We’re excited to introduce Phase 1 of our new website! In addition to a fresh, clean design, you’ll find:

  • A more detailed listing of the many facets of our project
  • Information on our growing catalog of courses
  • Detailed listings of our research publications
  • Regularly updated blog posts that relate to sustainability science, teacher and educator preparation, and the latest SSE news
  • The return of some of our most popular content from the original webpage, including Teaching Tools and an overview of the Four Ways of Thinking.

The future of SSE is bright, so keep checking back for more updates and let us know if there particular elements you would like us to include! We look forward to achieving our mission, one educator at a time!