21st Century Skills
  • SSE

At a Glance

The skills needed to succeed in the 21st Century are dramatically different from those needed in the past.
Started: 27 August, 2014
School : College of Letters & Sciences
Location: ASU Campus
Course Type : In-Person
Credit Hours: Three
Email : annie.hale@asu.edu

21st Century Skills (BIS 294) was co-designed by the whole SSE team and is currently being taught by Dr. Lee Hartwell. This course aims to help students become independent learners and problem solvers. The structure of the curriculum is crafted around the idea that success now depends on how well information can be gathered and used, with an emphasis on problem solving to alleviate human suffering in the world. Throughout the semester, students practice locating and evaluating information, developing a conceptual framework to organize knowledge, thinking critically about complex problems in the domain of medicine and then collaborating as teams on another problem of social justice.
21st Century Skills is an evolving course that has been offered for two semesters through ASU’s Barrett Honors College as HON 394. In its latest semester as BIS 294, the course is offered to Freshmen in the Exploratory program through ASU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.