The SSE Project team includes talented researchers, design assistants, and collaborators from diverse disciplines including education, sustainability, and the sciences.


Dr. Lee Hartwell
Annie Hale

SSE Team

Dr. Leanna Archambault
Jan-Ole Brandt
Tharun Chintham
Tess Doezema
Stefanie Franco
Sherie Gwynn
Dr. John Harlow
Travis Johnson
Warren Martin
Dr. Eileen Merritt
Susie Puga
Dr. Jen Richter
Dr. Catharyn Crane Shelton
Jeanette Torres

Affiliate Scholars

Gabby Chacon
Dr. Rider Foley
Dr. Daniel Nzengya
Dr. Mary Jane Parmentier
Dr. Lauren Withycombe Keeler

Advisory Committee

Coming Soon